1. Following Covid 19 Government Guidelines, it is advised that you avoid using public transport to travel to a Mrs Blossom Makes Craft Club of Workshop.  Please arrive promptly.


2. All family groups must adhere to the 1m+ social distancing rules and wear a mask if you are able to, when waiting to drop or pick up. We ask that if possible only one adult drops off and picks up.   We cannot accommodate for adults staying during Craft Clubs.


3. Please can all personal items be left at home only essential items such as water bottles, snacks and coats should be brought into the venue.


4. Children will be collected, signed in and temperature checked at the entrance to the venue.  


5. Please do not send your child to a Mrs Blossom Makes Craft Club if they present with a temperature above 37.8 C, a persistence cough or loss of taste.


6. If a child presents a temperature of 37.8 C or above when they arrive they will not be able to attend a Craft Club.  Their adult will be advised to follow Government Guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.  

6a.  If a child presents one of the three Covid 19 Signs during a workshop including cough, temperature or loss of smell they need to be collected straight away and advised  to follow  Govenment Guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.  The child/ren will be separated by at least 2m from the rest of the group while waiting to be collected. They will be supervised by an adult who will wear appropriate PPE.  If the child presenting with Covid 19 symptoms was in a group booking the whole group will need to be separated and collected immediately.

7. Contact details will need to be supplied at time of booking and checked when dropping off a child, to adhere with Track and Trace and for Emergencies.


8. There will be up to 15 children at a Craft Club in The Cabin and 2 Adults present in Mrs Blossom Makes Team. (FROM 17TH MAY 2021 groups may be slightly larger but no more than 20)


9. While in the Craft Club children will be reminded, that unless you have requested otherwise or are a sibling bubble, they must social distant to 1m+ to the best of their ability.  Please be aware we need to be honest with you and state that we may not always be able to keep your children social distant from each other and they will possibly be in a club with children from other schools.


10. Each child or Bubble will received their own tool kit and materials, that will have been cleaned before hand.


11. Hand sanitiser and soap & water will be available throughout the Craft Club for children to wash their hands.  The children will be reminded after every activity and when reentering the venue from visiting the toilets or outside area to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitiser.  Children will also be reminded to ‘Catch it, Bin It, Kill It’ and be provided with tissues or wet wipes if necessary.


12. No Snacks or Squash will be provided at the Craft Clubs, while there are still strict Covid 19 regulation.  Please provide your children with a snack and drink if you think they will need it.  There will be water available for children to fill up their bottles. Paper cups will be available if a child does not have a bottle and needs a drink.


13. Weather permitting, during a Craft Club the children will have a short break in the outside area.  We will encourage children to remain socially distant.


14. If WE have to cancel a Craft Club for any reason you will be fully refunded.  Usual terms of refunds apply if YOU cancel within 2 weeks of a workshop.

This Covid 19 Information   has been written using the Government Website latest Guidelines to ensure the latest guidance is given due consideration.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any points further.