An Exciting Summer Ahead!

It is certainly going to be an exciting first summer for Mrs Blossom Makes. She has a variety of local workshops running in and around Gosport. You can book workshops at Gosport Discovery Centre based on this years Summer Reading Challenge, 'Mischief Makers', where children will get to make pom pom shooters, catapults and other mischievous crafts!

Mrs Blossom will also be running her Summer Craft Club at The Cabin on the Alverstoke Infant School Campus. She has three creative sessions planned including Animal Antics, Explosion of Colour and Woodland Crafts. This is the first time she has run workshops here and is really looking forward to running more in the future!

In addition to these wonderful workshops she will be at Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve where you will be able to make your very own Fairy and Elf Doors to place below a treasured tree or hidden away somewhere secret.

Mrs Blossom can not wait for the summer holidays to commence and let the crafting begin!!!

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