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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

During lockdown I looked at different ways to alter my business to adapt to a new way of working. Taking my business online and running workshops from the comfort of my own home didn’t take me long to dismiss as my toddler screams ‘Mummy I need a poo’ at the top of his voice (as does my husband on occasions!). Somehow I’m not sure a live feed or even trying to video some demonstrations would work when juggling a three year old, husband and parrot!

So, as we slowly ease our way out of lockdown I am still unable to open for business, I miss my work with children & families and look forward to getting back to my After School Clubs when it is deemed safe. It’s really tricky doing these things whilst social distancing. In the meantime I have decided to embark on another avenue to fulfil my love of all things crafty.

During lockdown I have made the most of getting out and about locally and taken a leaf out of my toddlers book by collecting everything, or rather beachcombing, at Stokes Bay. Picking up a variety of items including driftwood, sea glass and shells. After filling my pockets, boots, jars, kitchen table with all things ‘beachy’ I thought I better do something with it all. I can’t convince my husband the sea glass are tasty new hard boiled sweets forever!

I have dabbled a little with selling my crafts in the past and am passionate about my card making and therefore have decided to design and sell predominately sea glass cards.

The cards are simple black ink drawn images using local sea glass as a central embellishment mounted onto a card. All cards are unique as the sea glass varies in size and shape, they can be custom made upon request and personalised. I also have premade cards, should you wish to just go ahead and order straight away.

I try to keep postage to a minimum (I will gladly deliver within a 5 mile radius of PO12 area) whilst making every effort to protect your purchases and will use recycled packaging materials where possible. If you are posting, rather than hand delivering, your cards I suggest you take them to the post office as they are fairly thick.

For tailor made cards please allow 7 days for me to create and send your card. My hands, work area, and materials are cleaned thoroughly throughout the process. Cards are blank on the inside for you to write your own special message. If you have any queries please get in contact.

In addition to these new sea glass cards I am also continuing to create hand made, bespoke cards of all shapes, sizes and themes for ALL occasions! I like a challenge so please get in touch.

Finally, if you’ve attended one of my workshops you may have noticed my treasured hand crafted Button Fascinators that I always wear. They are also available for purchase or can be handmade to your colour and size specifications.

So, it’s sea glass cards, bespoke cards for all occasions and Button Fascinators. Images of everything are on my web site and for more information about all of my crafts please visit the link below and join my group Mrs Blossom Makes - Cards & Crafts. Spread the word, thanks for reading and please stay safe.

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