New Year!

As we move into 2021 the word it still full of uncertainty. Our Christmas Craft Club was unfortunately cancelled as infection rates increased dramatically. As a structured children's activity we technically were able to run the club, but I felt in light of the Government restrictions that were being placed in the area, the right thing to do was to keep the children, their families and mine safe and reluctantly cancel.

It has been a very strange festive period this year, in some ways it feels like it never really happened. No one visited, and we did not visit anyone, Christmas decoration went up and came down without anyone seeing them. I didn't get to run and Christmas Craft Sessions or Family workshops and the wonderful Kings Theatre Pantomime, I work on every year, was cancelled, so I felt I was unable to fully grasp the Christmassy feeling this year.

There is a lot of uncertainty as we roll into the new year, taking each day and week as it comes. Changes can happen so quickly and relatively unexpectedly. I have may new ideas for creative clubs brewing and I am fit to burst, however with so much changeability I will not be planning too far in advance just yet.

I remain positive that we will return this year but I am unclear when. I think that we will be running a Christmas in August Craft Club if our circumstance improve though!

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